Ryanair Parking Scam


This site is to expose the latest scam by Ryanair – pre-paid parking that cannot be accessed / does not exist, forcing the customer to buy more parking.

In our case, ‘Stress Free Park and Ride‘ was quoted on the initial email, but no confirmation was received. The parking was never located and we lost our money.

This scam ruined our holiday – we hope it will not ruin yours.

When we attempted to discover from Ryanair and ‘Stress Free Park and Ride’ the night before leaving home in order to locate our pre-paid parking, the only numbers available were ‘out of hours’.

There is no information anywhere on Ryanair’s or any other website on how to get to the ‘Stress Free Park and Ride’.

When we got to the airport, the Long-Stay Parking told us they thought it was a Ryanair scam as many people were asking them the same thing.

The second Mid-Stay Parking we spoke to thought it was Purple Parking at the Hilton Hotel, back near the Long-Stay car park. They had many people every day who could not locate the parking.

The Hilton Hotel thought it was Purple Parking, whose office is within the Hilton Hotel.

It was not with Purple Parking. They were helpful and tried unsuccessfully to find the parking.

By this late stage, we were in danger of missing our flight, so we paid nearly £100 extra for ‘Meet and Greet Parking‘, hoping to claim back the money from Ryanair, whose parking did not appear to exist.

In the terminal, the Ryanair desk did not know where the parking was. They directed us to Airport Services, the other end of the terminal.

Airport Services did not know where the parking was. They directed us to the Airport Parking desk, downstairs at the terminal. We would definitely have missed our flight had we gone downstairs, so we rang them, while checking in.

The Airport Parking desk did not know where the parking was. They said they had lots of customers with the same problem and gave us a Ryanair, out-of-hours number to call. We already had a Ryanair out-of-hours number to call – no use on a Saturday!

We boarded our plane, and on the next available weekday attempted to get a refund from ‘Stress Free Park and Ride‘. They stated that we should have informed them when we didn’t receive their email and would not return our money.

We tried to inform both ‘Stress Free Park and Ride’ and Ryanair, within 24 hours of the flight, but all the available numbers are out-of-hours.

We still do not know where the parking should have been.

We are still attempting to gain a refund.

We are hoping to form a class action against Ryanair under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and for Breach of Contract – please join the cause!

We will be taking Ryanair and Stress Free Park and Ride to the Small Claims Court.

Do not book parking with Ryanair, or book anything else with them – their sharp practices should be stopped!